Sitting at the airport headed to Akron, I receive this email from Lisa:

I am a filmmaker from Sydney, Australia, based in Los Angeles. I have recently completed a feature film and am currently looking for my next movie to write and direct. Being from Australia and not more than a recreational pool player myself, I had not heard of Earl. Then I read an article published on him in the Sydney Morning Herald, my local paper, after which I looked him up and found the documentary. I was blown away. Earl came across as such a charismatic, interesting, passionate and fascinating character. What shocked me most, however, was that here is one of the most impressive athletes in American sports history and yet his story as not been told. I want to rectify this.

I would love to write a script about his life, to be turned in to a feature-length movie and I was seeking the rights to do so.

I am a writer that demands authenticity and truth, and I am confident I could write a script that would accurately, intelligently, creatively and entertainingly capture Earl as a person and his story.

If you would like, I could show you the film I just finished, so you can see the quality of the production, and what you can expect from me as a filmmaker.



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