いよいよ今日【バトル・オブ・ビリヤードビューティーズ】 in NY!ネットライヴ有りまぁす。

WATCH ME today and Let's have a Party together day after tomorrow!!!!
ついに数時間後に迫った、10ボールWomen's International Pool Championshipのプレイベント『バトル・オブ・ビリヤードビューティーズ』!タイムスケジュールが決定しました。ジャネット・リー、キム・ガヨン、シャネル・ロレインとわたくしの4名が9ボールと8ボールで総当り、各自獲得したポイントを「持ち金」として、最後のリングゲーム(外したら次のプレイヤーがフリーボールで撞く、セイフティ禁止イケイケ10ボール4人撞き)になだれ込みます!!! 何着ようかな!
www.dragonpromotions.com 10ドルネットライヴあります!!観てね!!
(上のサイトから”Special Event"をクリックして10ドル払えばば観れるはず・・・なんだけど、わかりにくいと評判です。(^_^;)大丈夫かな???)
Sun Dec 14th 【BATTLE of the BILLIARD BEAUTIES !! 】
Special One Day Event from 3pm-9pm. See GA YOUNG KIM of South Korea take on #1 American Jeanette Lee "The Black Widow" and Guam's Shanelle Loraine & Japan's AKIKO KITAYAMA as they get it on in a beauty slugfest!!
Andy Cloth presents Trickshots; 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Bank Pool, & Ring Game!
At Steinway Cafe-Billiards

3:00pm Jeanette Lee USA vs Shanelle Loraine GUAM :8-Ball & 9-Ball

3:45pm Akiko Kitayama JAPAN vs Shanelle GUA : 8-Ball & 9-Ball
4:30pm Ga Young Kim KOREA vs Kitayama JPN : 8-Ball & 9-Ball

5:15pm Ga Young KIm KOR vs Shanelle GUA: 8-Ball & 9-Ball

6:00pm Jeanette Lee USA vs Kitayama JPN : 8-Ball & 9-Ball

7:00pm Jeanette Lee USA vs Ga Young Kim KOR : Bank Pool & 8-Ball & 9-Ball

8:00pm 10-Ball Ring Game with ALL 4 Ladies
Only $10 at the door or $10 Pay per view live stream: click "Special Event" on www.dragonpromotions.com . Or get the event PLUS the Women's International Pool Championship entire week for $50!! 50+Hours of pool! 4 camera angles coverage by The Billiard Channel on Roku TV Powered by InsidePool.TV .
Monday night Dec 15th :
Dec 15th - 6:00pm-10:00pm 【DINNER n' PLAY w'the PROS At Steinway Cafe-Billiards NY!!!】 : Eat, drink and be merry with the ladies of the Women's International Pool Championship and participate in the challenge matches and Pro-Am tournament! $50 for ticket to the banquet includes 1 raffle cue ticket & challenge game with a pro. Best time to take photo opt! Portion of proceeds goto Jeanette Lee "The Black Widow" Junior Foundation.
Dec 16th - CHAMPIONSHIP rounds begin and Finals on 21st Dec.
Like to support the ladies? Become a FAN Sponsor of the WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL POOL CHAMPIONSHIP for only $200! and get a ton of benefits including FREE pass to watch: clickhttp://dragonpromotions.com/sponsors.html
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— 場所: Stainway Billards



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